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My Haircare Products

Hey everyone!

The sunlight was freaking killing me in these shots. You can probably tell it was a struggle to keep my eyes open, lol :) Tuesday's are kind of amazing, don't you think? I am in an awesome mood today and decided to write my "Hair Care Products".

There are so many amazing brands oh hair care out in the world today. But the real question is " Which products should we use?" I am just as obsessed with keeping my hair healthy. Cuz i lost too much hair in a few months. I couldn't find the reason of losing my hair. Maybe too much stress? I dunno...I went to doctor and they did some tests. The result = NOTHING. Anyway! I'm a firm believer in vitamins and it is essential to take "Biotin" as well as vitamin E to promote strong hair, skin and nails. The most important thing is to drink so much water all the time! Water is going to help to have a healthy skin and nails too ( your body in general ). I really try to force myself to drink all I can. But in winter, i can't drink too much water and it makes me feel so sad. Only in summer times. Btw i love summer. I think, i framed this sentence so many times, huh? :)

Okey, now let's talk about the products that im using:

( 1 ) Klorane - Shampoo with quinine and B vitamins :
  • Increases microcirculation and stimulates hair growth
  • Strengthens keratin and improves thickness of hair
  • Restores vigor and vitality to lifeless hair
  • Silicone free

Benefits: From the bark of an Ecuadorian tree, we extract Quinine, a natural invigorating molecule that strengthens hair keratin and improves hair growth. Quinine has proven strengthening and toning properties to restore thickness and vigor to thinning, lifeless hair.

My Thoughts: I bought it from the pharmacy. There was a man and i told him my problems about losing hair. Then he wanted me to try this product. (It's from Avéne) But it didnt help me to stop losing hair. I didn't use it every day. Maybe that's the main reason? I don't know...Btw it smells good ;)

( 2 ) Kerastase Specifique Bain Prevention GL ( The green one ):

Kérastase Specifique Bain Prevention GL is a thickening shampoo that gives body and tone to fine thinning hair. Stimulating the scalp to give volume, it boosts scalp micro-circulation on application and adds texture to the lengths.

Directions of use: 1-Apply to wet hair, 2-Massage with the flats of the hands. , 3-Rinse thoroughly.

My Thoughts : My sister was using this shampoo. She bought it for me too, aww sweety  :)  I used it once. I decided to use it in autumn/winter. Cuz i want to use Klorane now. It smells AMAZING! :)

( 3 ) Kerastase Stimuliste ( 125 ml ):

Kérastase Stimuliste is a nutri-energising daily anti-hairloss spray. This instantly refreshing, easy to use daily treatment reinforces the hair fibre and nourishes from root to tip so the hair looks denser.
Kérastase Stimuliste is to be used in conjunction with Aminexil GL. It provides daily care to help maintain the density of thinning hair throughout the summer and winter periods, whilst Aminexil GL is to be used twice a year as an intensive treatment. Hair is left looking thicker and with more body.

Directions of use: 1-Spray on the roots of dry or towel dried hair. 2-Do not rinse and style as usual.
When you wash your hair, you have to use it and you try to use it in the mornings.

My Thoughts :  It smells so good. I'm happy with my Kerastase :)

( 4 ) Toni & Guy Rapid Response Leave-In Conditioner ( For damaged/dry hair ) :

Non-rinse formula that acts as an instant response to frizziness and damage caused by heat and other external factors. Restores hair in need of a rescue to help replace moisture loss and natural lustre. Also makes a highly effective styling product to retain movement and enhance the definition of naturally curly and wavy hair.

My Thoughts : This product is amazing too. I want to try its shampoo after i finish my shampoos :)

P.S. I hope that this post will help you. If you have some more questions you can ask me any time! Take care guys! ;)

Not : Bu postumun Türkçe çevirisini isteyenler varsa "Yorum Gönder" kısmına mesajlarını iletebilirler ;)

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Aslı dedi ki...

Senoritam :) evet ben istiyorum mümkünse :) Türkçe çeviri yani :)

Evy dedi ki...

4 numara bana bu aralar lagzim, yagli yapiyormudur saci

Senorita dedi ki...

@ Aslı : Tamam cnm, uygun zamanımda yazacağım ;)

@ Evy : Saç uçlarıma uyguladığım için yağlanma sorunuyla karşılaşmadım hiç.
Yalnız aşırı bir şekilde sürmemeni tavsiye ederim. Spreyi avucunun içine sıkarken tamamını bastırmadan sıkmaya çalış. Çünkü tamamını sıkarsan çok fazla gelir ve yapış yapış olur uçları ;)

Senorita dedi ki...

@ Evy : Buarada saçlarına bayıldığımı söylemiş miydim? :))